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Gazes wander in crowds,
passing over the faces of milling strangers with careless ease,
until there's a split second of recognition.
Ice water in the bloodstream,
a breath catches inside the chest,
and all freezes as memory long-buried resurfaces.

Hello, remember me?
I remember you.

Your face is blank, with eyes that register no emotion.
I am beneath your notice, and your gaze moves past me.
Mine, however, is fixed.
Cruel words, laughing jeers, cold silence...
It all moves about in a jumble in my brain,
and I wonder...

Hello, remember me?
Can I forget you?

Oh yes, I remember you.
Every cruelty, and every cast stone.
The fake pity and the careless strikes in the back.
You were one of many.
Always one of many.
But it doesn't mean I ever forgot where you stood.

Hello, remember me?
I wish I could forget you.

For a brief, insane, moment, I want to call out.
I want to see your eyes light up in recognition,
and I want to ask you plainly if you remember anything.
If you remember laughing along with the crowd,
if you remember the harsh words that still scar me today,
and if you'd like to know what became of me because of you.

Hello, remember me?
I wonder if I'll always remember you.

It has been long years since those days.
I thought I had grown.
Yet here I am, trembling at the sight of you,
and remembering it all in perfect clarity.
Perhaps those days didn't end,
perhaps I didn't grow at all,
and I wonder if I'm the horrible one for refusing to move on.

Hello, remember me?
Why can't I forget you?

The moment's gone.
You have walked on by, never once noticing me.
I laugh softly to myself for my fear,
but there is bitterness in the sound.
Why couldn't you have done me such a mercy then?
What made you pass by me now?
Why aren't you the one remembering and cringing?
It's not fair.

Hello, remember me?
You should.
You should remember.
Because I have never forgotten you.
Hello, remember me?
Sometimes, you can't bury the ghosts. Sometimes, you can't run far enough away to escape the past. Sometimes, life taps you on the shoulder, and when you turn around, it knocks you flat to the ground with a sadistic smile. Today was one of those days for me, as I walked right back through the doors of my memory and into my elementary school. Seeing your face nearly destroyed me, and not being recognized by you was almost as much of an insult as it was a mercy. Perhaps you had your reasons to forget, but I damn well have my reasons to remember.
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Time: 0 Hour(s), 23 Minute(s)
Length: 1 Page(s), Size 9 Font.
Type: Poem/Prose
Genre: Grief/Pain
Song: "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World
Yup. That's right. I am coming back. :XD: I have no idea what inspired me to finally return to this very dust-collected account, but, I figured since I frequent it so often just to hunt for fanart, I may as well get my ass back in gear and start spamming my fics. I have written a lot since I "semi-retired" here, and I want to just upload most of the fics that have made it onto FF.N here, just in case someone out there would like to see it. At the moment, I'm probably going to upload all of my oneshots, and depending how that goes, and if I can find some nice FE:A groups to get active in... I may even throw "A Third Journey" here, and see how that goes. Time will tell, I suppose, but until then, just look forward to seeing my FE:A stuff appear!
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